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MVP Development

Fully functional MVP. Web or iOS App.
4 week turnaround.


  • Fully functioning MVP
  • App Store released iOS app or web app
  • Free scaling for first 100K users
  • Free technical support for 1 year
  • Fully custom designed UI
  • Custom Logo design
  • Includes functionality for user accounts
  • Maximum of 3 key feature pages (excluding sign in page)

Tech Details

  • State of the art Node.js backend
  • Reliable MySQL database
  • Code stored inside private Github repository
  • Deployed to Amazon Web Services with free scaling for first 100K users
  • New user account sign up/login endpoints
  • Backend secured through HTTPS
  • Website secured through HTTPS
  • Includes steps for your developers to make changes
  • Automatic backend deployment and build system using AWS CodeDeploy
  • Includes 1 set of content endpoints
  • Incorporates with your existing web domain or free custom domain

Example Use Cases

is a website which keeps a list of books that users have saved for reading later. Users can add books, mark books as in progress, and mark books as completed. Users can view the leaderboard where they are ranked based on the number of books they have read.


is an Apple Watch app where users can see how long it will take them to get through airport security. They press a button when they start standing in line, and press again when they are finished. This user data is aggregated to generate average wait times.

Walk Helper

is an iPhone app which tracks users’ steps per day. Users are reminded to go for a walk if they are not on target for the day. Users can view their steps over the past month.